N.J. Beaumont

Founder, Heuros

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N.J. Beaumont is the founder of Heuros. Heuros is making technology for the manufacture of cultivated meat. Heuros growth factors stimulate muscle cells from a broad range of species to proliferate, and can be supplied at competitive prices. The Heuros growth medium does not use animal products, hormones, or antibiotics. All the components of the serum-free medium are made without using genetic engineering - so cultured meat made using Heuros technology is GM-free. Heuros is based in Queensland, Australia.

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Scaling Cell-Based Meat Production in APAC

May 20, 2021, 08:00 AM
Viknish Krishnan-Kutty Bianca LĂȘ Hanry Yu Vinayaka Srinivas N.J. Beaumont