Vítor Espírito Santo

Director of Cellular Agriculture, Eat Just

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Vitor is the Director of Cellular Agriculture for Eat Just, a San Francisco-based company on a mission to build a food system where everyone eats well. In this capacity, Santo is focused on leading Eat Just's biotechnology and cell culture program towards the development of cultured meat. Santo holds an MSc in advanced Biomedical Engineering and a PhD from the University of Minho in Portugal and the Kyoto University in Japan. He has over 15 years of research experience specializing in the development of cell-based models and therapies for biotechnology and food applications. In 2017, Santo entered the food space, applying his expertise in cell biology to the disruptive field of making meat from animal cells without slaughter.

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The Eat Just Journey: Launching the First Cultured Meat in Singapore

May 20, 2021, 06:00 AM
Vítor Espírito Santo